Overselling my 116-year-old identity

Written by By Nadine Winkler

Nadine Winkler is the founder of Zen Beans , a sustainable juice-mix business; author of the lifestyle and beauty book “101 Natural Recipes” (Clarkson Potter/Publishers House May 2017); a founder of the U.S. arm of the The Godmother Initiative, a nonprofit organization that brings together food innovators around the world; and a founder of The Women’s Health Spa, which sponsors healthy, plant-based spa treatments for women from ages 18 to 90, with a sister and caregiver program.

At the ripe old age of 96, she holds a Master of Science in botany from Princeton University and is the all-time holder of the Major Arts of Living Golden Age title from The Hollywood Beauty Awards and the Master’s degree in organic chemistry from the University of Florida.

It is with great responsibility that I speak to the spotlight shining directly on me — I accept these revelations as a minor charge for my astronomical persona, or, if I may metaphorically slice myself with a fish stick, a humanitarian cause. I am in this position because I have dedicated the last 22 years to building healthful cultures around the world — the only reason I did was because I have been there.

How can we create a world that lives on the land, works in the air, and rests beneath the sea without killing the planet?

It has been said that New York City is “the world’s oldest city and also its most congested.” In fact, land-based plenitude has been at the center of our diet since biblical times. It is deeply ingrained in our DNA and simultaneously a very destructive force, as it lays waste to our world, supplying food, fuel, water, and clothing for most of us.

Thanks to plant-based cooking and living, there is a way to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 84%.

My mission is to cultivate a relationship between Mother Earth and the planet, establishing consciousness through food and knowledge, or more accurately nourishment.

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