Xabi Alonso’s Back Story [VIDEO]

Play Audio Clip Listen to audio clip. On Sunday (FOX News Radio Sports) Xabi Alonso is set to play his first game since retiring in May. His first ever game in the United States and his first in Spain where he began his career a few years before he caught the attention of Real Madrid. It turns out that Alonso was set up to make the trip all along because his youngest son, a 5th grader in Tijuana, was born in El Paso. And, the younger Alonso’s present and future were held in high respect in the National Team as well. Xabi even brought the national anthem singer so he could get a little English lesson with him.

FOX Soccer Analyst and Former USMNT player, Alexi Lalas joins ‘The Blitz’ and talked about Xabi Alonso’s back story and his return home. Also, check out the topics discussed and then hear Aday Kaleta join the show. They are joined by by Director of Soccer Operations for SSFC, Dave Wisniewski. And, John Caligiuri stops by to play a quick game of soccer with the boys and we also discuss the FIFA 20 World Cup and where tournament organizers are going wrong.

Plus, why is the 25th anniversary of Messi being best player of all time being celebrated? Former FIFA World Player of the Year, Graham Spencer says it’s much deserved. And, think you know everything about soccer? Tune in for a few, ahem, heat picks.

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