Wondering where to go on Memorial Day weekend? Click to check out the solar eclipse

Visitors to much of the Middle East, Europe and Asia on Monday got a display of unusual luminosity, among other things, as a partial lunar eclipse threw the moon into a penumbral shadow.

An eclipse occurs when the moon passes through a portion of the earth’s shadow. During this week’s eclipse, some bright spots and shadows cast on the moon happen when the moon is in the deep penumbral shadow, which forms when the moon passes through part of the earth’s shadow, but is too close to the outer edge of that shadow to be in total shadow.

People around the world (see map below) lit up social media with the spectacular spectacle, taking the sky into account for everything from height to traffic patterns to marriage proposals, astronomy and science lessons to weddings and even good luck wishes.

Total Lunar Eclipse & Total Solar Eclipse! 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲 pic.twitter.com/08W4AJwgFS — 🇵🇰 Minus Zero Suns (@Zero-Satar) May 14, 2017

When looking at the eclipse, look to the right and left for the best shows.

[email protected] is sure to have some good science tips. #Eclipse2017 pic.twitter.com/5cpSMgk4bM — Science Channel (@ScienceChannel) May 14, 2017

Huge solar eclipse just behind the Earth. Wow pic.twitter.com/VAMzhpDCQN — Luis Torres (@lhoodb2) May 14, 2017

The eclipse starts about 5:15 p.m. Eastern and will last about an hour, with a total eclipse beginning at 6:52 p.m.

See full eclipse. https://t.co/w5MY07sEep pic.twitter.com/pHHc3MhO5x — NASA (@NASA) May 14, 2017

Thanks to @dailymoyenne for taking my wife’s advice to go for a ride in a car around the eclipse! 👻#Eclipse2017 pic.twitter.com/PxNCv5hI1x — Kerry Neddenrown (@kellymyehwa) May 14, 2017

Ashwaq Ilyas’s road trip across Pakistan is only part of a 360-degree experience. #Eclipse2017: https://t.co/Gcmn6PuiMr pic.twitter.com/uL7p8hpCK5 — NASA (@NASA) May 14, 2017

Everyone here in the E. Kiran on the internet. pic.twitter.com/e2fPIVDDeY — Karim Gilani (@karimgilani) May 14, 2017

During this eclipse, the sun will appear as a hazy yellow “souvenir,” not perfectly visible, but at least not completely obscured. The eclipse is the first of two planned for the remainder of the month.

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