Widower preserves wife’s headstone in her home town

As one family deals with the death of a loved one, they spend months planning for memorial services, burials, and funerals. And while grieving widows and widowers often think their grieving is finished, they might learn that their loved one’s remains will also require a headstone.

Following the death of her husband in March, Matt Hutchins took it upon himself to do everything possible to preserve her headstone in their hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. But it’s not the headstone that is unique about it. Instead, it’s her husband’s headstone, which he lovingly gave to her and incorporated into the memorial for her.

It was a moment of complete comfort and respite to my husband as he grieved over his wife’s death, simply spending the time to do what he knew Halyna would not be able to do, to preserve our family history together and have her loved ones know that her story is being told, truly her story. This experience has left me with an indelible smile as I can’t believe my husband is gone but I know he is with me forever in every word, deed, and comment I make about her life. Matt is the happiest guy I know and having a conversation with him about a loved one is a learning experience. I have hope in everything I do, I believe in magic and in time my mind will open up and I will be able to even more fully celebrate my wife’s life. In the meantime, I just look at that headstone and know that the mystery of the Rose is alive and well. It just won’t show up at the table, but it will always be there with us.

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