WATCH: ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant’s Answer Delivers $800K Win to PBS

A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant’s win on a round that ended with her answer leading to a Wheel of Fortune! game sparked internet ire after viewers saw the letter K on the contestant’s wheel.

The contestant was correct with her Final Jeopardy clue, the word “KW & KWK, that’s loaded.”

The problem was that the letters were misspelled. In this case, with the right type of letter, the answer to the Wheel of Fortune! question could have been “K12,” which are high school and college. In the end, however, the answer on the Wheel of Fortune! round was determined to be “C.”

Twitter users pointed out that this was one of the dumbest questions to ever be on the Wheel of Fortune!, which prompted host Pat Sajak to respond:

“Um, what? Look, if you’re playing the KW And KWK puzzle they’re the only two letters that begin with the letter K. They are the only letters on the wheel. Have at it. Sorry, in each case, the letter must fit into a row of four (that’s the K in KW and KWK). That’s not a historical mistake. That’s a letter that’s clearly on the Wheel.”

You can see a clip of the error on YouTube, below.

Eagle-eyed fans also pointed out that this was not the first time Sajak had addressed the question in question. In 2014, the Wheel of Fortune host herself inquired about the answer on Twitter, saying:

Hey @WheelofFortune , I got one (and two)… my only issue is with the answer (AKA the letters). Your 2010 season where the answer was – C!! can you fix that? I saw that in two shows last month!! You’d think that’d catch someone’s attention! — Pat Sajak (@patsajak) July 14, 2014

“Yes, that was your answer,” the Wheel of Fortune host said in the video. “I can almost guarantee you that’s not what it was on that screen. I love playing with your questions, you are so impressive. But to answer your question please know there was a time in those two shows when that answer was offered.”

After learning about the controversy, Wheel of Fortune tweeted that they have added a line to the Wheel of Fortune! announcement area when players can be assured they are in the game legally.

A studio producer for the show also commented on the controversy on Twitter saying they won’t let this happen again:

this is like how whac-a-mole turns into people with a lot of enthusiasm. @PatSajak thank you, I promise we won’t let this happen again. — Gregory Wright (@GaryWrightDCA) March 18, 2021

Earlier this year, contestant Jelyn Wood provided the winning answer when playing the Wheel of Fortune! game. In this case, the letters spelled out the word “confusion.”

“Oh my gosh, please pass the spice rack!” she exclaimed.

For her win, Wood was awarded $100,000.

After being parodied on “The Colbert Report,” Wood’s answer raised eyebrows and raised ire on social media when she was awarded $800,000.

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