Under the Burmese skies: 7 beautiful train journeys

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Asia’s roads, rails and planes are receiving a massive modernization overhaul in the years to come, but will the new services be a solution to the region’s traffic jams? We’ll have to wait and see.

This week’s special guest presenter brings you the best train journeys that will see you over the next few months — journeys which will see you over gorgeous landscapes and over menus overflowing with the very best of Asia’s local flavors.

“Jung Chang: Mountains of the Gods”

During World War II, fighter pilots from mainland China would flock to Japanese-controlled Burma to escape the crushing grip of Imperial China.

Later, in the late 1950s, Japan would provide Burma’s fight against the Chinese invaders a lifeline.

On Wednesday, an adventure through Burma’s sprawling, lush Highlands awaits.

Even better, Jung Chang will be on hand to guide you and your luggage to stations where Myanmar’s famed Kachin and Shan minorities share their famous cuisine, history and culture with you.

A great way to gain cultural insights into Asia’s far-flung regions, “Jung Chang: Mountains of the Gods” is part of the Indian Express Express train fare. It is available for booking at Indianexpress.com

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