Travis Wall says he’s not in trouble with the law after sexual misconduct allegations

The 2018 concert tour with Break the Floor – The Story of Break the Floor has been canceled and they have taken Travis Wall off the remainder of the tour. The company made the announcement on Facebook on Thursday after “much careful consideration.”

Wall has not responded to the claims, in particular how the group’s head, Amina Buddafly, was fired. Instead, he took to Twitter yesterday to slam Star, an independent news site he accused of “lying” in its initial coverage of the allegations, and wish for them to “stay” on Tuesday.

The allegations are very serious and come at a time when you would think we would be focused on advocacy and promoting sexual wellness in our communities and world. Instead, we are having a sellout concert on the same day of the #MeToo movement. — Travis Wall (@travistwwall) October 26, 2018

I did nothing wrong and am shocked, saddened, and offended by this attack on my character. I know you can trust me on this — Travis Wall (@travistwwall) October 26, 2018

On Wednesday, he celebrated the cancellation by posting a quote on Instagram of inspiration from the 1976 movie The Last Dragon, with the phrase “Full Support.”

Star has posted on Twitter from BTS Video Witnesses Fest in Los Angeles, apologizing for any misunderstanding, and explaining that the change to the concert program has to do with when the show would be released.

I want to apologize for any confusion in our coverage of Travis Wall from last night’s event. This was an “isolated” incident and his future as a professional dancer is not in question. — Star News Network (@SPNN) October 25, 2018

Since breaking onto the scene in 2014 with the TV show Step Up, Travis Wall has been one of the most talked about and highly paid dancers on the planet. The group has been particularly popular with Vogue, Sports Illustrated, and Estee Lauder, as well as the recent On the Runout Tour with Drake.

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