The rise of Italy as fly fishing destination

The first time I landed a fish in Italy I realized that I was standing on the shores of a beautiful spot, listening to the engine, and thinking to myself: That can’t be a fly in the water, it’s got to be a gondola.

Italy is called a joy to work in because of the environment around us. An impossibly beautiful rainbow zigzag of mountains line every shore line and there is so much to see and do for the uninitiated in a country rich in culture and tradition. It’s always a great time to travel and see what Italy has to offer.

Not being an athlete, I have discovered something amazing during my travels in Italy: It is possible to fly fish from a gondola. Yes, that has been possible for some time and it’s become even more possible with technological advancements.

First and foremost, these boats are well-equipped with hydrophones that capture the sound of the ocean. These hydrophones help find the fish and you can see whether a fish is present and whether it is fair game for a fly fishing trip.

Secondly, our guide turns on a gramophone tube that amplifies the sound of the sea. This gives us a much better feel for the wide waters and it’s easy to pinpoint and strike a fly while listening to the ocean on this tube. Even the sound of the wind is almost audible and you can tell when that’s coming. The noise of the waves on the shore can also be heard.

I’ve fished around in many exotic locations and I’ve come to one realization: You can catch a fish in Italy if you’re not afraid of the water.

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