Tennis fans poking fun at Nick Kyrgios over secret stash of chips in Davis Cup locker

Nick Kyrgios really hasn’t always been the sharpest tool in the shed, but for a moment Thursday, you could be forgiven for thinking he just may have solved the sport’s player-doping problem.

Kyrgios, who last year was banned for eight months for failing a drug test, hid in a cupboard along with Australian tennis legends Margaret Court and Lleyton Hewitt during the Davis Cup win over India because he feared French players would try to tank the match after winning Friday’s reverse singles.

Needless to say, French tennis fans were not amused.

And how. Tennis correspondent Jonathan Overend saw the funny side and joked in a Tweet he would like to be in possession of Kyrgios’ hidden stash of chips:

Now then. @NickKyrgios only needs 8 CANS of chips to survive against the @rogerhale and #patrieve to get him out of this position. — Jonathan Overend (@JonOverend) August 17, 2017

Apparently, he is right.

In March, an eagle-eyed reader pointed out that the deli-style bagels Kyrgios brought into Wimbledon was probably contained in a duffel bag without holes — but the note on the bagels did not mention something else you will want to watch out for when making a delivery at Wimbledon: a government inspection notice!

Hey @NickKyrgios, do you want to send along this bagel so the doobahs can inspect it? — BatDaBubba (@bat_da_bubba) March 29, 2017

There was a government letter that needed to be removed. — Bjorn (@BjornBurns) March 29, 2017

On Twitter, however, the contraband was not greeted with open arms:

@NickKyrgios Someone need to unpack your bag so you do not have to show off to the dog guv! — Mason Koppleman (@masonkoppleman) March 29, 2017

@MagdalenaShowalter @JonOverend if you are selling some bagels across town i might let you have a bagel — David✓ (@KieckMats) April 6, 2017

@JonOverend @magda_glens Hey, I guess you can only get one bagel at a time @NickKyrgios? Glad it’s not as you plan to tell the authorities — Xandemagelia (@xandemagelia) April 6, 2017

Tennis fans took to Instagram to bemoan the fact Kyrgios is actually putting other players at a disadvantage with his precautions:


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