Singapore Airlines to train first immunized crew

Written by Staff Writer

(CNN) — Singapore Airlines will begin training its first fully immunized crew members for a 12-month period starting this month.

The carrier hopes the required immunizations — a minimum of eight upper respiratory viruses, three respiratory illnesses and a range of typhoid and hepatitis B vaccines — will be in place by July and will help it maintain its low health risk ratings.

Singapore Airlines already runs some of the first European flights to make the commercial flight path to Asia, and with plans to launch flights to Japan later this year, many passengers face the added risk of cross-contamination

“Singapore Airlines’ intensive training regime ensures every crew member is immunized to the highest standard before any training,” said Rajaiah Subramaniam, head of Corporate Communications, Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines personnel on full-electrolyte water, which increases absorption of nutrition and electrolytes and reduces the risk of scurvy and lethargy.

As part of the new training, crew will also undergo a free health check on arrival and a blood test as well as the screening of more than 1,000 latent and infectious hepatitis B viruses — the first step in catching the disease.

The newly immunized crewmembers will continue to undergo periodic health checks after being certified to ensure they stay free of infection.

The airline also conducts a number of pre-flight health checks and provides equipment that will be used by crew members to prevent Hepatitis B infection. These include an at-seat bed designed for passengers without a CPAP (Comfort Ventilation Propagation) machine, to avoid contact with vomit during flight, a hand-held lavatory, a closed-flaps up heart monitor, exercise equipment and a universal medical kit for use by onboard staff.

Singapore Airlines operates both Boeings and Airbus A330s planes.

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