Scotland’s fuel prices nearly double those in UK

Petrol prices in Scotland have hit record levels, costing drivers up to £10 more a year than British drivers in England and Wales.

While motorists in the rest of the country, where prices are significantly lower, have not been spared, Scottish motorists appear to be bearing the brunt of a “Price Index Tax” levied by the nation’s oil majors – along with a tax on gas, and excise duty.

Labour today called on the Scottish government to lower the cost of a litre of fuel, calling the average for the UK “the most expensive in Europe”.

The party pointed to figures from the FTSE 250 company, which recorded that the average cost of a litre of petrol was a record £1.28 in Scotland, just above the previous record in England and Wales, at £1.26.

A spokesperson for said the price had risen by 12p a litre since August.

“Fuel prices in Scotland have been on the rise since July,” said a spokesman for the company. “Although the rest of the UK are much cheaper, prices have now hit an all-time high in Scotland. Average prices here have gone up in every month this year.”

The national average price of a litre of petrol has increased by 24p over the past year, from 118.45p per litre to $1.28, according to

Retailers have responded by raising prices, the company said, “driving the prices higher and higher. That’s right – getting up at the crack of dawn every morning to pay more for petrol, there is simply no other option.”

Scottish Labour called on the Scottish government to reduce excise duty on petrol by 6p, the FuelWatch Package to reduce excise duty on petrol by 6p and diesel by 10p.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government said: “Given our target of price parity of 105.67p per litre for unleaded, in order to avoid further raising costs on motorists, we are committed to a 3p reduction in the excise duty level on unleaded for this winter. We will review this to see if it needs to be revised in the spring.”

• This article was amended on 11 November 2017. An earlier version said that the average price of a litre of diesel in Scotland was 98p. This has been corrected to £1.28.

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