Rep. Duncan Hunter on Trump Adopting a Confrontational Tone with China

Good morning! From New York to California, Republicans are licking their wounds after re-election setbacks. What was supposed to be a politically powerful year has become one of the toughest for the GOP in years. A survey from the Cook Political Report says that Democrats will pick up 30 seats, vs. four Republican seats.

Take the latest numbers from a number of surveys. Remember, all these figures are for GOP incumbents only. In one more special election of note on Tuesday, Republican incumbents in Missouri and California are almost assured to be returned to office. Results will also give an idea of how big this wave is, but I wonder how much the polls underestimating Republican voters?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is urging the president to make a formal appeal to the Supreme Court, urging an emergency appeal to block lower court decisions overturning the president’s travel ban. New Fox Business Network polls give new CNN/SSRS series a surprise of a result.

Tonight, President Trump hosts Chinese President Xi Jinping at the White House. There’s supposed to be no handshake between them but there’s not much doubt the two leaders will talk. You might expect it may have more to do with tariffs than the transition and whether China committed to tackling cyber theft. Xi is coming off the first annual China-United States Strategic and Economic Dialogue. The Chinese say they have implemented the agreements made at the last summit. The ongoing trade dispute will be back on the table if no immediate progress is made today. The president will host a Cabinet meeting today. The official opening of the 100 day’s agenda in Washington.

Tonight on “Your World.”

We’ll get insight from Mike Morrell, former Deputy Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs and member of the National Economic Council team.

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