Photos: Children among those found abandoned in Mexico

By Diana Vreeland

Cecilia Gimenez, from Tamaulipas in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, was traveling with the La Union group

A Mexican federal government official was quoted in media reports Sunday that about 400 Guatemalan migrants were found in the back of four trucks that had been abandoned in a roadside grove north of the border.

The officials – speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly – told the press in Ciudad Juarez that the migrants were found Saturday evening in a grove of cactus and thorn bushes.

But the official took pains to ensure the figures were just estimates: “No one is sure how many had been in the trucks. Only the coyotes [people hired to bring migrants north] have that number and have reported it to us,” the official said.

The immigrants – who appeared to be between the ages of 14 and 37 – were taken to the Bridge of the Americas near the Guatemalan border, the officials said.

Their group included “Latinas, men, women and children.”

In all, the official said 1,500 to 2,000 immigrants were caught Friday by authorities at the Trujillo Reyes bus terminal, about six miles (10km) south of the border.

“Before we had about 3,000 immigrants trying to enter the country.”

Officials found the thousands of immigrants that day by patrolling the reservation, said the official. The immigrants were “all Venezuelans, Cubans and Guatemalans,” he said.

The official said the area is especially hazardous because of the rough terrain, the lack of vehicles and the hour-long wait in a warehouse to cross the border.

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