Organizers to cut Grand Prix of Monaco three days for Formula One

MILAN — The Formula One summer Grand Prix of Monaco will be cut to three days next year as planned, as teams drive for better attendances, the sport’s chief executive has said.

Roger Penske-owned Haas was in the middle of a wet test this week when De Standaard was asked about cutting the race.

“We are thinking very seriously about the scheduling of the Grand Prix here in Monaco,” he said. “It’s something we need to discuss with the teams and the promoters. We want to make sure that everybody likes the event and that we have a full house.”

As well as that, De Standaard said F1 also wanted to see more spectators who could afford to spend a couple of days there to support the teams and teams’ sponsors.

“You will see that the more races we have, the more activities we do, the better people will have a chance to come and the more money will be spent (to produce) the right crowds,” De Standaard said.

He also hinted that another race could be considered.

“We have asked ourselves three times, ‘Why is this venue so unique, so large?’ But when we looked it, there is no one like it,” he said. “What are the other countries doing here in Europe? I am not sure. It (Monaco) is something that we have looked at very closely.”

A decision is expected in February when the teams meet at Geneva, where they will receive a proposal for the new 2021 calendar which will see only nine races on the calendar. De Standaard has already said a tough budget cap is on the agenda.

Formula One has eight races currently on the calendar with Abu Dhabi and two others yet to be confirmed for next year.

A failure to select them all would leave a vacancy for an Asian city race before the race moves from Monaco.

Further thoughts on the 2021 calendar are expected at an end-of-season party. De Standaard said teams are increasingly interested in the season after that.

“It’s like a carnival act, I am constantly looking forward to what’s coming after 2021,” he said. “It is what keeps me occupied, I guess.”

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