Ontario universities accused of underfunding online classes amid cuts to funding

Ontario’s public universities are being called on to increase their commitment to online learning, as the province considers controversial cuts to their funding.

According to the Canadian Federation of Students, which released a report assessing the education system in the province on Monday, Ontario universities spent $6.6 billion of their total $21.2 billion budget in 2016-17 on tuition alone. Nearly three-quarters of that funds, or $14.7 billion, went toward instruction.

Less than 10 percent of Ontario universities reported they were operating at surplus in 2016-17. The Federation of Students also said the province needs to invest in training teachers and innovation, and urged universities to boost funding and support for more in-person learning.

“We really need to maintain an education system that pays special attention to the learning needs of students and teachers,” said Cheryl Gallant, president of the Federation of Students of Ontario, said on The Rush Hour with Brad Charniak on Sunday.

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