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National Journal correspondent Sara West Asher obituary for Bettina Plevan read as follows:

Bettina Plevan, a litigator who helped open doors for women in corporate law, died July 10, at age 75.

Plevan is best known for winning a $140 million class-action case in 1982 involving employees at The Rosetta Stone, an Internet translation company. Former Rosetta Stone employees who’d been fired argued that the company routinely treated them differently from their male counterparts and gave them more heat for errors and performance problems. The employees were awarded nearly $1 billion in 1992, settling later for $1.3 billion.

In the 1970s, Plevan had launched several groundbreaking class-action cases—including one involving the DaVita kidney clinic chain. She was pivotal in changing the law to provide greater opportunities for female attorneys, said Attorney Gen. Kathleen Jennings, Plevan’s former partner at Harris Bricken & Hamel. “She made women’s rights and equal opportunity for women mainstream,” Jennings said.

At the time of her death, Plevan was working on a class-action case claiming defamation and harassment against the Twitter account “Breitbart the Committee,” which lambasted feminist groups and mainstream media outlets. In 2005, Plevan died at 55 of ovarian cancer.

Her funeral is scheduled for July 18 in El Cajon, California. A public viewing will follow on Monday, July 16, at Pierpont Lawn Cemetery in El Cajon, California.

Sources: National Journal, This Week, Human Rights Watch

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