‘Never went to church’ – Dolph’s partner on rapper’s death

Image copyright WIlmer Guillen Image caption Guillen is believed to have killed himself on Sunday

The partner of rapper Dolph says it’s heartbreaking that she’s lost her “husband” after he was shot dead in a drive-by incident in Florida.

Spondylitis sufferer Luann Guillen is a business partner of the Atlanta-based artists, and says Dolph was “a wonderful soul”.

“He was just a strong person that wasn’t one to let anything get to him,” she said.

“Positive vibes, energy and prayers are welcome”, she added.

Dolph, whose real name is Dolph Chaney, was shot dead in Florida on Sunday.

Paramedics, while treating the 27-year-old’s injuries, lost consciousness and were pronounced dead at the scene.

The incident remains under investigation.

Miami-Dade Police is said to be seeking persons of interest after a camera captured a dark-coloured Toyota Camry, believed to be the vehicle involved in the shooting, at the scene.

Dolph’s latest mixtape, but of a different genre to his distinctive hooded gospel-rap, was called Smokin with Dolph.

He released three studio albums, as well as four solo mixtapes before his death.

The artist’s work has reportedly been licensed to some of the world’s biggest companies, including Cadillac, Swizz Beatz, Atlantic Records and the Wizard Company, which had a line of multiple lines of “Grillz” from Dolph.

His first studio album, the 2006 release No Love, did not chart on the Billboard 200.

According to the music industry’s figures, he was ranked as the sixth best-selling artist in the US in 2017, with 731,000 album sales.

Image copyright LEWMER GUILLEN Image caption Guillen said that “positive vibes, energy and prayers are welcome” in the wake of Dolph’s death

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Dolph used lyrics from his albums as promotional material for his clothing lines, a line of jewellery, his family business and his campaign for the Georgia’s Congress.

In a series of interviews, he disclosed struggles with gambling and drugs.

In August 2013, before his death, he filed a lawsuit alleging Monster Energy drinks had continued to use the image of him while he was drunk and passed out on the toilet in his own bathroom.

His mother and father and other members of his family sued Monster Energy, claiming they stole Dolph’s name, likeness and likeness to promote its drink.

In his recently released album, Dolph spoke of becoming sober, admitting: “I can’t drink alcohol no more. I can’t do drugs no more. No more Slurpees. No more bananas.”

“I’ve had time to reflect and I can tell you the last time I smoked a joint was almost three years ago, when I had to put a ‘wow’ sticker on the crack that I was smoking,” he continued.

“Smoking a joint feels amazing, in the past I didn’t feel good after smoking a joint. Now I feel [that] I wanna smoke a joint.”

‘I’ve killed my angel, let’s have fun!’

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When Dolph’s death was announced, many responded with messages of sadness and admiration.

Professional boxer Adrien Broner wrote: “We went to church together last week,” while veteran rapper Snoop Dogg added: “I’ve killed my angel, let’s have fun!

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