Natalie Wood’s sister worries about mystery surrounding drowning

WOODLAND HILLS, CA (KTLA) — The sister of Natalie Wood may never see her sister’s alleged boyfriend — Robert Wagner — admit to being responsible for the ‘accidental drowning’ that killed her.

Ken Wood made the comments while attending her sister’s memorial service at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Thousand Oaks on Saturday. Wood Family spokeswoman Lisa Sacks told FOX411, “It’s a family affair today, and it’s sad that the family is left to cope with the fact that Rob will not be there, unfortunately. He is incapable of helping the family heal.”

Ronni Chasen, a publicist for Wood’s sister Lana, says that her clients are “still hoping there will be a homicide investigation.” Chasen continued, “Their concern is for Natalie, and so we will go on from here, which is very difficult.”

Even those who are close to Natalie’s father Robert Wagner told ABC’s ’20/20′ that they don’t expect him to make a deathbed confession.

No details have emerged as to exactly what could have caused Natalie Wood’s death, the cause of which was ruled an accidental drowning in 1981.

Since then, there have been a number of conflicting stories, including unsubstantiated rumors involving Wagner, and the actor’s ex-wife and Natalie’s sister.

“They’re holding it together,” Chasen said, adding, “Natalie was vibrant, perky, full of life, and they loved her to death.”

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