Must-have audiobooks of the week, 11/12/2018

From Barack Obama’s memoir of his first year in office, to Jim Carrey’s other personalities’ side-splitting memories of their time in the White House, and more from the most surprising celebrity memoirs ever to be written, IndieBound readers can choose from one of these must-have audiobooks. To download one of these, you must visit and click the audiobook link of the book on the left hand side of the page. You can listen to each of these audiobooks right now, too, because they are only available as downloadable books for a limited time. It is your moral duty to carry one of these for your frigid travels, and especially now that we are entering winter months, there is nothing more comforting than the click of your ear and the crisp winter air of these audiobooks. Happy reading!The Last Of Us, by David Jaffe Video game developer, screenwriter, and director David Jaffe has an eye for detail; with his latest book, The Last Of Us, he gives you the behind-the-scenes view of the video game the world is talking about. Jaffe’s book explains how they created the story and what happened after its release. Relive the struggle to make a blockbuster video game, then live the experience of playing one yourself. The Last Of Us audiobook is available on Amazon and via audiobooks.indiebound.comfor $10.31.Walking on Fire: James Foley, the journalist who tried to topple a dictator, by Ann Marie Slaughter Broadcast journalist, author, and Princeton professor Ann Marie Slaughter is known for her work on how women can be better leaders. In this very personal book, she tells the story of James Foley, who by all accounts was trying to help rebels topple Assad’s government in Syria before he was himself tortured and executed by ISIS. Recorded books by James Foley audiobooks are available from Audible and IndieBound for $11.31.Anti-Social: How Facades & Social Media Make Our World Worse by Derek Parfit One of the leading voices in the field of political psychology, Derek Parfit dissects our current political climate and explains how social media is helping to fan fear, stir racial hatred, and convince us that we are all helpless victims of the evil forces in charge. Parfit shows how modern political discourse is shaped by fear, false dichotomies, and distortions. Recorded books by Derek Parfit audiobooks are available from Audible and IndieBound for $10.31.This is Where I Leave You: A Novel by Jonathan Tropper Jonathan Tropper’s sharp wit and incisive observations are evident in this very funny novel. The story of the Bechdel Test, and the refusal of one family to abide by it, Tropper does it for readers. Recorded books by Jonathan Tropper audiobooks are available from Audible and IndieBound for $10.31.

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