Mother blames friend for baby found crawling in drain

Komena Coleman of New York dropped off her baby at Maimonides Hospital

A three-day-old baby has been discharged from hospital after she was found crawling in a drain.

The child’s mother has blamed her friend for dropping her baby at Maimonides Hospital, in New York, on Wednesday night.

Police said they are looking for a mother-and-baby pair, one 20 and one just four months old, who walked past on the way to a bus stop.

Maimonides Hospital has been offering counselling to parents and staff.

The hospital’s administrator, Dr Ravi Nayyar, has offered to help the family if they come forward.

It’s really hard for the child. We need to help them in every way we can

Komena Coleman

Mother of baby who survived

“We provide grief counselling and parenting education, too, so the whole team is working together on this,” he said.

“When a baby is involved, we do everything we can to bring comfort and support to the mother and child.”

In a tweet, Ms Coleman, of New York, said the young mother with the baby should be ashamed.

“The young mom with the baby that wandered out of my hospital, having no money, no car, and who did not know how to look after a baby, should be ashamed of herself. I am so embarrassed. I love my baby,” she wrote.

She said she had dropped her off at the hospital with the mother on Wednesday night, but some other woman left her with the other baby.

She later found out the police had found the child in the drain.

She wrote on Twitter: “I’m so sorry to the hospital that this happened to.”

“We need to help the mom and the baby, no matter what happened.”

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