Fire Spreads in Karachi, East of the City, Killing at Least 15

The authorities have set up temporary shelters in Karachi. Firefighters are still trying to put out the flames. According to officials, the fire is believed to have started in a car and spread to seven other vehicles before crossing to the huts. A police official has said that up to 60 people have been injured in the fire.

In Pakistan, particularly in Karachi, life is hard, even for those fortunate enough to be employed in the city. The smog from construction and power-station fires and fires among property owners made conditions difficult, and buildings and huts have filled the gaps. This past weekend, as a result of two fire incidents in the city, many more residents in the east part of the city, near where the fire started, had to flee their homes.

Local authorities have said that they plan to improve the area. “We shall improve the situation,” Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar told the Al Jazeera. “We shall provide proper shelter for people who need it and new shelters on the other side where there are houses.”

Read the full story at Al Jazeera.


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