Donald Trump Sets Up New Agency to Fight Big Silicon Valley

Good morning, America. In case you missed it this morning, something big was released that promises to transform how we use and interact with the internet. The new GDPR or GDPR—Honest Ads—regulation will define how political ads can and will be purchased online, with caps on how much money advertisers can spend to target specific audiences. However, these rules will not protect you when you hit “play” on a video shared by your favorite soccer player on YouTube, say, because Facebook or Google don’t want to regulate their products or services. For a more personal example, British citizens might not be covered under the new legislation as well, which is why Prime Minister Theresa May has pledged to deploy 15,000 spies to target Prime Minister Juncker as a way to cool down the global backlash sparked by the abuse of Facebook’s platforms in Europe. Meanwhile, federal privacy protection law is up for debate in Washington, and Donald Trump is proposing a wide-ranging federal agency that would shut down what his administration defines as overreach. You can read all about that here.

In other technology and media news: The EPA’s actions to roll back fuel standards will allow cars to lead longer, taking fuel efficiency to the limits. It will mean bigger trucks hitting the road and spending more money to fuel, speeding up the battle over climate change.

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