Doctor, nurse arrested for selling medical equipment from Thailand to India

Written by Staff Writer, CNN

CNN’s investigation ‘What’s in your glove box?’ into alleged harmful medical practices and workers at hospitals and clinics in Thailand and India has triggered numerous arrests, including two from Thailand, a case of torture and possibly murder.

CNN’s investigation ‘What’s in your glove box?’ published on January 18, can be read here.

Nearly two years after CNN’s original report, police in Thailand have arrested two more people, a doctor and a nurse, for allegedly abusing patients in hospitals in Thailand and exporting the boxes containing the surgical gloves to India.

The Thai arrests bring the total to seven, including a nurse who disguised herself as a courier, according to the deputy police commissioner of Chonburi province, Phayaphon N. Chatchawal.

It is illegal to export medical equipment, so police say it is clear that Thai residents were being used to smuggle in the machines, which could have serious consequences for patients who are “specially targeted” by small specialized staff.

Thailand as a destination for people seeking medical treatment has long been a lure for tens of thousands of poor patients from South Asia, particularly India, according to the Bangkok Post . As medical costs continue to rise in the US, according to CNN, many of these patients could die or have to spend tens of thousands of dollars before they could receive proper treatment.

Thailand’s police chief Gen. Somyot Poompanmoung, announced his intention to investigate the story around the same time that CNN published it.

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The global investigation found that millions of medical devices including surgical gloves, stethoscopes and needles, were imported from India and Thailand and exported to other countries, including the United States, for repair or replacement.

In addition to leaking medical equipment onto the black market, an investigation by Good Harbor Security Solutions found that hospitals in the US, with the full knowledge of many nurses and operating room nurses, were ordering unnecessary tests and procedures that can be dangerous and deadly to patients.

The investigation found that 10 of the most dangerous patients death centers are in three states: California, Illinois and Ohio. Several stories across CNN reporting on the story have been met with protests from hospital industry leaders.

The factories where they are manufactured can be difficult to track down and police often have little to go on.

‘Some manufacturers may think of their brand … as better than (who’s) made it,’ one manufacturing expert told CNN.

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