Do players actually need to answer… anymore?

Written by Staff Writer, CNN

They’re everywhere. On news reports, in interviews, on social media, in the comment sections. But is anyone taking the advice of the authorities?

Whether its cybersecurity, gambling, doping or sexual harassment — players on the ATP World Tour and WTA are routinely being admonished by the governing bodies. But how far down the line should this sort of contact really be?

Does the player really need to respond to something as innocuous as the sporting press’s content bias? How should they react when their comments are seen as sexist or racist, or who’s responsibility is it to the FIFA corruption investigation?

The relevant authorities have a way to go before they establish an “expert panel” to put an independent face on the ongoing trend of reams of advice being sent out to players. For now, despite many vociferous “he said-she said” cases emerging, many players are still reluctant to speak out.

“I think it could be better communicated,” said 15-time Grand Slam champion Venus Williams. “I think maybe it should have been put more directly to them to make sure that they understand what they need to be aware of.”

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