Canada busted woman posing as man to run multi-million-dollar love scam

Canada said this week that it’s broken up a multi-million-dollar love scam after a woman posing as a man was arrested in Ontario.

India Ranjit Singh, 36, made off with at least $7.1 million from 63 victims, according to an official statement released by the Canadian government. She was arrested on Tuesday after authorities say they uncovered the scam.

Singh’s arrests came after she met an alleged victim in Romania last year, “assuming the persona of an interested suitor,” the statement said.

The two traveled to Romania and the victim “thought he was in love with a devoted and kind-hearted woman,” according to the official statement. The duo began corresponding online and in person and had in-person meetings and exchanges of money.

He traveled to the Netherlands, Canada and India to meet Singh, but she never showed up, the statement said.

But, authorities say, Singh got wind of the alleged victim’s relationship with a second woman and flew to Romania to exact revenge, sending emails “embellishing the threats associated with her being in trouble,” according to the statement.

Singh has been charged with two counts of fraud over $5,000 and one count of breaching probation for an unrelated sentence, the statement said.

Singh is scheduled to appear in court in Mississauga on Monday.

Canada Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said the arrests “send a clear message that Canadians who fall victim to human trafficking and fraud schemes will not be tolerated.”

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