Austria introduces new mandatory vaccines on market

Unveiling today Austria’s National Prevention and Control Strategy and a major first for the European Union: Its first official public commitment to public health vaccines, including a new vaccination mandate on the basis of a medicine market test on its use. Dr. Akif Shahoglu, who co-authored the latest issue of the journal Vaccine, is executive director of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

This is the true culmination of the good work that has been done by a host of organizations—including ECDC, the Virologists Association of Western Europe, the European Association of Public Health Laboratories, the Association of the European Immunologists, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-Europe—in collaboration with Austrian authorities.

-CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers

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Discover what other countries need to do to protect the millions of people who will be directly affected by today’s vaccine announcement in the context of the journal’s “Risk” package.

Shahoglu says: “This is great news for Europe’s public health system, which will benefit from a major uplift in vaccine utilization and an array of testable new investments. On the positive side, public health professionals can look forward to immediate improvements.”

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