Anna Kournikova: I’m a Better Teacher Than I Used To Be

The business world knows Anna Kournikova as a supermodel and professional tennis player.

But behind the scenes, Kournikova – a native of Russia who retired in 2013 with a record 396 career singles titles – is also an entrepreneur.

Kournikova started the Annika Kournikova Charitable Foundation, which gives back to underprivileged communities across Russia and has donated more than $25 million to 600 projects.

The tennis great took to Instagram to share her big accomplishment:

Women’s golfer Lexi Thompson has been banned for six months and docked nine World Golf Championships events for her involvement in a scheme to fix a match.

The WGC event Thompson won in Mexico earlier this year will no longer count toward her WGC winnings.

More than 1,100 autographs

Joe Biden scores highest in the latest Iowa Delegate Watch Iowa Open Championship with 72 holes.

Which athlete could we not live without?

Can you guess who? The great track star from Henrico County, James Dixon:

30 years ago, when I was in pre-school, they hired a guy named James Dixon to pump gas into the Speedway that was situated just outside of Richmond. The Speedway is now defunct. But he became my hero, partly because of the fact that I went to his camp just in fourth grade (there was a camp just across the street). But mostly because he was the happiest man I ever knew. He was such a good kid. I ended up getting a scholarship to the University of Richmond to play football, and I stuck with the sport my whole career. I missed the end of my high school career to play for the U.S. Naval Academy for four years, but when I was done playing football, I came back to Richmond and became an orthopedic surgeon. Dixon began work at the Richmond Orthopedic Group in 1986, and I came there as a medical resident in 2000. We are celebrating 30 years since I started my career. I’ve been fortunate to travel around the world, and I’ve had the opportunity to teach life skills around the world. My years with Dixon have changed me. My greatest ambition is to be a teacher. I want to inspire and teach people. I encourage anyone who asks to go on a mountain climb, go on an Africa safari or become involved in some type of service organization. I have dreams of being an Army Ranger for my daughter, Sophia, when she gets older. But mainly I want to give my daughter everything that Dixon and I have given me. For every person I’ve met, I’ve discovered the things that I’ve never wanted to know. But my greatest goal is to inspire, teach and help people because my heart is bigger than mine. It is the little girl inside me that I strive to spread joy to. I hope people know how my life has changed.

Thanks James! In my dreams you’re the commander-in-chief and I’m secretary of defense. I can have whoever I want!

And the first person I brought with me on the mission was the one person who mattered the most: my mom, Carole Alene Dixon. She taught me everything.

With everything that’s happened, there’s only one person who matters to me and who I’m proudest of in the world.

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