Afghanistan men’s football team: ‘We hope your country will be proud of our team’

Afghanistan’s national football team are in my country to play a friendly game against Uzbekistan in Tashkent.

We are very excited about this, especially since we haven’t been able to play international friendly games for five years because of the current political situation in Afghanistan. It was really sad for us, and maybe for your country too, as we had scheduled two matches for your country with one from the British Embassy in the midst of Operation Red Star.

Afghanistan lost both the matches, the first at least 20 minutes into the first half and a second match in the last minute of the match. It was disappointing because we had the advantage at that time and made great opportunities, but didn’t make our best efforts to score, as expected. We hope that we will make more of our best efforts in future matches in the future.

We are thankful for this opportunity to play in Uzbekistan. Your team is a strong team with a winning history in international football. This game will only bring positive results to the country. We are really excited. I hope your country will be proud of our team.

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