5 things that should go into your best-dressed suitcase

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Staying committed to your wardrobe changes requires some revision. In preparation for life after shoe and makeup, we asked Ellen Rosenthal, author of the new book and blog Shopping around for Soul: Your Guide to saving time, money and making the right choices, for advice on how to go out on a limb. Here, she gives us the lowdown on some of the key items we should start adding to our shopping cart this summer.

1. Lula-Lula Vibes Satchel

The Lula-Lula bag ($169, currently on sale for $151, landsend.com) is practically begging to be purchased and used from a friend or family member. The special digital license plate line and embroidered bracelet are only minor perks — the real attraction is the bold, tribal print. Rosenthal thinks it’s worth investing in the bag, especially with the thought that you’ll only ever have to clean it.

2. Buckle Me Ups

Heading to the beach? Buy some cute beach towels ($7.99-$24.99, discogs.com) to wear with your jeans and flats — minus the cute water accessories. In your bag: a pair of basic outdoor-wear Buckle-Me-Up sunglasses ($35, janieblair.com). You’ll already be armfuls of sand.

3. Pair Your Shoes With Sneakers

When it comes to staples like sneakers, Rosenthal finds it’s always a good idea to try multiple styles to make sure there’s a mixture of comfort and functionality. Try a cross-body canvas tote bag with your favorite sneakers ($40, monogramr.com). Or pair them with some jeans and flats. “You’ll be able to go anywhere and do everything with them,” she says.

4. Some Good Neutral Or Blonde Shoes

We can’t stop coming back to black. “Part of the trade-in process is to move away from your favorite colors and brands and to think about colors that are neutral and French,” Rosenthal says. “Before you trade in, think about your current wardrobe and what style of shoes could work with different pieces.” Consider the last shoe you traded in, and then start looking for ways to balance your accessories in the same shade of color. “For instance, go with a navy and a light brown or do an orange, light brown and yellow, or do a cream, a neon green and a black or a teal,” she explains.

5. Wear A Pair Of Heels With Neutral Outfits

If you’re already wearing your favorite high-heeled wedge or gladiator sandals, think about bringing them out in neutral colors. “With a pair of neutral flats, your body language changes — you’ll be looking toward the floor,” Rosenthal says. It sounds counterintuitive, but a simple shift in your body language often means more outfit versatility — which will keep you sassy and edgy even as you stretch your jeans and sandals.

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